About Manchester Art Prints

Celebrating Manchester & Supporting the City’s Finest Artists

Manchester Art Prints showcases original artwork which comes from, and is inspired by, the city and its surroundings. The platform was launched in 2017 to bring Manchester-focused art under the umbrella of a new project called Manchester Art Prints. Following parent company Klein Imaging’s legacy of high quality art production, and its partnership with Hahnemühle, all artwork is printed on fine art stocks and to an extremely high standard. However, the print prices are as affordable as possible whilst keeping quality high, in order to break the barriers between fine art production and the public. The prints come in four sizes (Small, Regular, Medium and Large, sized according to the original artist’s canvas) and the prices vary from £29.00 to £95.00.

The artwork is currently divided into four main categories (illustrations, paintings, photography, and Manchester cityscapes), but we also group work by themes, such as the Hacienda and Manchester Maps.

In 2019, we added a range of framing options to our prints. These are available for all sizes of prints, but currently only ship to the UK. We use diffused (anti-reflective) acrylic glazing rather than glass, which is safer to ship, lighter to hang, and helps to diffuse reflections from the glazing. If you have a bespoke framing request we’d love to hear from you.

We welcome new artist applications for review.