St. Anne’s Square Looking West


Art print of Manchester’s St. Anne’s square by Michael Gutteridge.

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Printed to order on archival quality 300gsm rag paper, and dispatched within 4 working days (free shipping available within the UK).


‘St. Anne’s Square Looking West’ by Michael Gutteridge is a beautiful print for Manchester Art Prints.
“This is the fifth version I have painted of an St. Ann’s Square in Manchester, looking westwards towards the 18th Cent. church itself and featuring the War Memorial in the centre, this time with distorted cartoon figures populating the foreground which have their own, sometimes slightly sinister narrative. My main compositional preoccupation with this work was on use of colours and effects to produce a joyously harmonious yet stimulating off key effect, even though it is a representation of an actual place, distorted by being processed through my mind’s eye.”


Michael Gutteridge is best known as a painter of urban landscapes, usually of Manchester, UK, the city he grew up and lives in. His painting possess a sensual vibrancy achieved by distortions of colour, brushwork, proportionality, shapes, perspective, and energy and they pool an eclectic juxtaposition of styles around a general expressionistic form. His work has been used in a promotional capacity by Marketing Manchester, Lancaster University, Manchester University, and in literary and music media as book jackets and in a pop video. Michael has also been featured in newspapers, magazines, television,  BBC online and radio and his paintings are held in private collections all over the world.

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