Ben Ark

Ben has made art his life, deciding in his late 20’s that if he didn’t fully commit to art as a profession rather than a hobby, he’d live to regret it. He was considered a renegade by some for ‘going pro’ with no formal art education. Luckily, exhibitors and collectors are unfazed by the lack of art schooling: Ben has shown his work across the globe from New York to Norway, with pieces held in both public and private collections.

A dedicated self taught individual, Ben strongly believes that not being art schooled gives him a strong sense of self and an innate flexibility that comes from not being entrenched in ideas about what is and isn’t possible. He takes immense pleasure in learning as he goes, adapting and experimenting with various techniques and mediums, approaching every piece as an adventure – and revelling in artistic rule breaking.

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The Lowry: Salford’s Guggenheim